The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change 

Carl Rogers


Welcome to Karen Bolton Counselling

I  am here to offer a safe counselling space for you to express yourself and look at  areas of your life that you are having difficulty with so that you can  get a better  understanding of yourself .

I  believe every person has within themselves the ability to make the  changes they need to and I am here to support you in this without  judgement or telling you what to do as. Together we can find new ways to  live that are right for you. 

You  might want to talk about your past or present life, your feelings and  emotions, your relationships, your ways of thinking and your patterns of  behaviour .

By  hearing your concerns, I can support you to gain a better understanding  of your feelings and actions and help you to find your own solutions to  problems and develop the ability to cope with difficulties.

Karen Bolton head